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Terms of Business

We have an honest and open approach to business, and we want to make sure that everything we do for you is clear and understood, so here are some general terms and conditions which will be the basis on which we will work for you. They will apply to all services we carry out for you and there may also be some additional terms and conditions which apply to certain types of work we do – we’ll confirm those in writing in each case.

Prices and Charges

Before we do any work for you, or supply any products or materials, we’ll provide you with a proposal, quotation, or estimate so you know in advance how much you need to pay us for what we do for you.

We’ll also confirm in writing how long our prices are held for and in what circumstances they might change but, in any event, we will agree any changes with you first. For maintenance services, where we have agreed an annual plan with you, any prices quoted may be subject to change each year.

Once you’re happy, we’ll just ask you to provide some form of order confirmation (an email will do), which, together with these terms and conditions, becomes the basis of the agreement between us.

If anything changes, or you want us to carry out additional work, we’ll agree that with you and confirm it in writing – that helps to avoid any confusion later.

For weddings or other large orders, we will normally require a non-refundable deposit and we’ll confirm details to you when we give you a quote or proposal.


We hope to provide a quality service that you’ll be very pleased with and we’ll send you an invoice at agreed intervals for the work we’ve done – we just ask that you kindly pay our invoices within seven days; our bank details will be shown on the invoice for you to make payment directly to our account.

Liability and Insurance

We obviously hope nothing goes wrong but accidents do sometimes happen and we carry public liability insurance just in case. If you feel we have done something that has caused damage or harm to you or your property you must let us know straight away so we can investigate and work out what’s happened and, if necessary, make a claim under our insurance policy.

There are some things, though, that we just can’t accept liability for. Flowers are natural products and although we take great care to source high quality fresh flowers, we are unable to guarantee how long they will stay looking as beautiful as when we supply them to you.

So much depends on how and where they are kept and how they’re looked after.

Delivery and Collection

We offer a free collection service from our premises for anything you have bought from us, or delivery for a small charge. Please refer to our current delivery charges.


We hope you don’t have any but if there is anything you’re not happy with just talk to us (or send us an email if you want to put it in writing) and we’ll try to put it right.

The Legal Bit

We hope it never comes to it but if there is ever any dispute or issue we can’t resolve by talking to each other and it becomes necessary to rely on the formal agreement between us, these terms and conditions (which are governed by English Law), and anything else we have agreed in writing with you, will be the basis of that agreement.