I’ve always loved receiving flowers as a gift, or enjoying their natural beauty around the place – in the family home or in my Nana’s house; but when does that become more than just experiencing the joy, or comfort, that flowers can bring?

For me it was when I was planning my own wedding. I did all the usual stuff – visiting numerous wedding fairs, loads of Internet research, building up the Pinterest board, and then meeting some lovely people to help me bring my ideas to life and create my dream.

This all came together in the most amazing of days that I shall never forget. It was emotional, inspirational – everything I could have hoped for. My inner creativity was awakened; I had discovered something I really had a flair for – something I felt I could really channel my energy and enthusiasm into; but I needed the opportunity to bring this dream to life.

Due to the support of my amazing parents, the encouragement of my wonderful husband, and some hard work and dedication, I was able to complete a formal course of study *and I’m now lucky enough to do what I love for a living.

Other than flowers my passions are my two young children, we are forever going on adventures in nature and it is one of our favourite things to do, exploring, getting muddy and finding hidden treasures in the wild. Nature is my biggest inspiration.

My studio is a homely and welcoming Summer House, in the Hastings area in East Sussex – a place to meet my lovely clients for a chat and a cup of tea, to inspire my creativity, and to bring my ideas to life

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